having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, esp. strength and aggressiveness.

Hey guys, I’m painting again- This one is a test for a series of paintings I wanna do . Ironically I only paint when I’m busiest it’s the only thing that makes me calm /helps organize my thoughts. I’m gonna try and do one of these daily or at the very least share snippets of things I’m working on - stay tuned & good morning 😌 #gariba14

If you like movies, never watch any trailer past the 1:00 minute mark. Every trailer since late 2012 has been too much.I’m not tryna see a whole character arc in a trailer.

💮 Portrait of Sierra // Come and see hers and @mrelllis ’ photos April 4th at 442a Dufferin St. Toronto , ON.  Tunes provided by the very best @happy_boy_tona 🙏 come say hi!